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Decolonize Your Bookshelf Challenge Box Subscription

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 Receive a hand-selected book within a monthly Challenge Box Subscription and bring your Decolonize Your Bookshelf Reading Challenge to a new level.

Shipping is free! Subscribe for Adult, YA, and Middle Grade, & Children's book themes and some prompts that override the selection.

Orders must be placed by the 20th to ship that month!

 Pay as you go, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions available for a discount!


  • Jan, 2024: Story by a Disabled Author

  • Feb. 2024: Book Written by a Black Woman

  • March 2024: An Immigrant Memoir

  • April 2024: Poetry by a Indigenous Author

  • May 2024: Fiction by a West Asian Author

  • June 2024: Fiction featuring a Trans MC

  • July 2024: War story by an Asian Author

  • August 2024: Marginalized Story from the 1980's

  • Sept. 2024: Non-Fiction by a Latine/LatinX author

  • Oct. 2024: Mystery Novel by a BIPOC Author

  • Nov. 2024: Book by an Indigenous Woman

  • Dec. 2024: Book Centering Queer Mental Health


Don't forget to grab your challenge pack and keep track of all the wonderful books you are going to read this year! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Just as advertised

I am so happy with my subscription box selection! The book looks so interesting and I loved getting the tabs and the sticker as a bonus.

Lizzy Choquette
So excited!

I was so excited to receive my adult subscription book, and was even more thrilled to find that that months YA title was included as well (after a very minor shipping delay they very kindly included the second title). Both books sound like they will be great reads, I am thrilled! I will certainly be ordering again. Thank you!


I was so excited to find the decolonize your bookshelf challenge box! I’ve been trying to diversify my reading choices, but sometimes it’s overwhelming when you’re faced with so many options. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know!

In my first box i received a book that I’ve picked up and put back down at the bookstore probably a dozen times, Daughter of the Moon Goddess. I was thrilled to have received this book!!!!!

I am grateful for having received a copy of the YA book this month as well (i had a question about shipping, the boxes were sent just a little bit late and she included it as a thank you for patience, which was very kind of her!!!) this title, The Wrath and The Dawn, I haven’t heard of before but sounds like such a great book!

The order also includes super cute stickers, and groovy print card from another small business- which i think is AWESOME.

I am THRILLED with this purchase, and will buy again!!


I️ really liked the packaging, the service, etc. The book I️ got was one I️ already had, unfortunately. Not their fault, but I️ do with there was an optional feature that could potentially show us which book we are getting so we don’t pay for the same book twice. It was also more expensive than the hardcover of the same book that I️ already had.

Carol Sorensen

Decolonize Your Bookshelf Challenge Box Subscription