The Name Bearer by Natalia Hernandez | Queer Latin American Fantasy - Paperbacks & Frybread Co.
The Name Bearer by Natalia Hernandez | Queer Latin American Fantasy - Paperbacks & Frybread Co.
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The Name Bearer by Natalia Hernandez | Queer Latin American Fantasy

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For her entire life, the Name-Bearer’s sole purpose has been  to receive and deliver the names of the future monarchy from the Flowers of Prophecy. But when the child is finally born and the Name-Bearer is sent to the Flowers, they refuse to name him. Instead they deliver a prophecy; another child was born who is more worthy of the Naming, and if they are found and brought before them it will usher in a reign of peace. 

Having failed in her duties the Name-Bearer is considered a traitor to the crown, and must hide among an elite sect of warrior women where she experiences  friendship, found family, and love. Her training as a warrior helps prepare her to embark on her quest to find the Unnamed Prince, clear her name, and bring peace to her realm.

A story of magia, warrior women, found family and love - and not accepting who you are told to be, but embracing who you are destined to become.


Author Bio

Natalia Hernandez is an Indigenous, Latinx, and queer book nerd who was lucky enough to have grown up all over the world. As a Third Culture Kid she has lived in Turkey, Romania, Poland, Guatemala, England, and now resides in Los Angeles with her cheagle Mija. As an avid reader and passionate writer, she wants to create queer fantasy novels that feature strong women of color in sweeping Latin American-inspired settings. She can be found on TikTok (@NataliaHernandezAuthor) and on Instagram (@NataliaHernandezAuthor).

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Beautiful covef

I ordered the name bearer and I cannot express how lovely my copy was. The shipping was quick the website was easy to use. I absolutely will continue to support here

Joe Bushey
A much needed fantasy

Like many, I found Natalia on tiktok and followed her from the time she first introduced her story. As a white guy originally from the Midwest, I didn’t have much exposure to Latin culture. And as a gay man, there was very little representation for that as well. Natalie hits it all on the head. The rich cultural background mixed with the strong characters and Natalia’s ability to paint a perfect picture of the scenes absolutely drew me in. The only thing I could complain about was that it wasn’t long enough! Haha.

Natalia, if you get to read this (as I know you probably avoid reviews), just know that my inner white gay kid fell in love with your characters, your world, and the beauty of your culture and the way you shared it.

Reviewer avatar
Rachel W.
Absolutely Outstanding!

I discovered Natalia on TikTok/BookTok and holy smokes, am I glad I did. I will admit that I was worried that I wouldn't love the book after all of the hype and anticipation for it. There was no reason to worry. I absolutely loved this book and will now promptly expire from having to wait for the second book. Natalia's writing is vivid and lush, yet not bogged down by unnecessary prose or language. The Latin world in which the story takes place is beautiful; the blend of Latin cultures, food, tradition, colors just jumps off the page. I particularly loved how food was was very immersive and I still can't figure out how Natalia did it because I'm a white woman raised by a blue collar family with German and Polish roots who speaks zero Spanish! Anyways, the plot moves at a pretty quick clip; this is not a slow burn book but it's also not a slap you in the face before you've settled in either. I do wish we could have had more on The Name-Bearer's time with the Danrayans...that could be an entire book or a completely different, but related series! I really loved all of the characters...and it's clear that Natalia did as well. The queer representation in this story is perfection; it's not put on display, it's not a source of consternation, it doesn't have a big spotlight on just is, allowing for the feelings between characters to organically and pleasantly grow. This is not a coming-of-age story that is forced or embellished for the audience and I think that brings a real authenticity it.

I think my only complaint, which is rooted in high praise, is that this book was a little short. A lot happened and while it doesn't feel like we rushed through anything, I always felt a little sad and wanting when we'd move to the next plot/location/cast of characters. I'm hoping the next book takes a deeper breath to allow for even more immersion in the world and story. I am grateful that the book is a pretty quick read, though, as that will be helpful when the sequel comes out.

Natalia is an indie/self-published author. She should IMMEDIATELY be picked up by a publishing house (if that's what she wants). She deserves all the accolades and success that better be coming her way!

Anastasia Francisquini

I love supporting a small business and I'm so excited for this book!

Nicole Morales

Such a beautiful world and so happy feel my heritage and myself in this story