Turquoise Goat's Milk Indigenous Made Soap | Baker's Bars Soapery - Paperbacks & Frybread Co.

Turquoise Goat's Milk Indigenous Made Soap | Baker's Bars Soapery

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 Turquoise Goat's Milk Soap

Scented with a duplicate of Autumn day from Bath and Body Works. Scent notes are “golden pear, apple and bergamot mixed with crisp air, Chrysanthemums and warm sunshine”

This Turquoise soap is handmade by the amazing Tiffany from Baker's Bars Soapery! Find Tiffany and more of her amazing soaps on Instagram & Facebook!

Ingredients: Sorbitol (moisturizer), Sodium Cocoate (cleanser), Propylene Glycol (moisturizer), Sodium Stearate (thickener & stabilizer), Glycerin (moisturizer), Goat Milk (moisturizer), Titanium Dioxide (mineral colorant), Alcohol, Fragrance Oil, Skin Safe Mica. No vanillin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alyssa Lebron
Buy this soap if you haven't already!

The smell is fantastic 😍 my skin feels so soft too. The soap feels good and looks good and i highly recommend it

G. Dobson
Gorgeous soap and scent!

I bought this soap hoping it would be as pretty in person as pictured, and it is! What I hadn't expected was the very lovely scent. It's now my partner's favorite scent, period - not just favorite soap scent. Highly recommend!

My new favorite soap!

I purchased this soap purely because of how beautiful it was, but upon receiving it, I was amazed at how soft it made my skin feel! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a pretty & smooth feeling soap!

Even more beautiful in person!

I have not opened it yet because I might be gifting it to someone, so I haven’t been able to smell it or use it, but it’s just so beautiful to look at!